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modified: Nov 10, 2012
The history of Russian armored cars is noted in this article. A few prototypes are located on this page.

Half-tracked Armored Cars
flag iconB-3
flag iconBA-30
flag iconBA-64Z
flag iconPutilov-Austin
flag iconPutilov-Bullock

Armored Railcars
flag iconBA-20ZhD
flag iconBA-64ZhD
flag iconFAI-ZhD

Medium Armored Cars
flag iconBA-9
flag iconBA-27M

Infantry Fighting Vehicles
flag iconBMD-1
flag iconBMD-3
flag iconBMP-1
flag iconBMP-2
flag iconBMP-3
flag iconBMP-23
flag iconBMPT
flag iconM-80
flag iconMLVM

Amphibious Armored Cars
flag iconBAD-2
flag iconBRDM
flag iconBRDM-2
flag iconFUG
flag iconGAZ-3937 (unarmored)
flag iconPB-4
flag iconPB-7

Specialized Armored Cars
flag iconBA-22
flag iconBAD
flag iconGAZ-3934
flag iconGAZ-39344
flag iconGAZ-39371