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Black Eagle
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modified: Nov 10, 2012
Black Eagle (Чёрный Орёл, Chyorny Oryol) was a Russian main battle tank prototype that was being developed at Omsk. It was cancelled due to Omsk's financial difficulties.

Black Eagle had the project designation Obiekt 640. It features a new and longer chassis with seven road wheels on either side. The longer hull allows for increased protection of the hull front. The turret was originally designed to be fitted on a T-80U chassis as the T-80UM2.

A mock-up was first shown in 1997. An unfinished prototype was displayed in Siberia in June 1999.

Black Eagle is armed with a 125mm 2A46M smoothbore tank gun. The gun is fed from a bustle-mounted automatic loader which allows it to fire more advanced ammunition. It is separated from the turret crew by an armored bulkhead. Blow-out panels are located on the turret roof.

Black Eagle has a 7.62mm PKT coaxial machine gun. It is also armed with a 12.7mm NSVT anti-aircraft machine gun.

A computerized fire-control system is fitted to enable the tank to engage stationary and moving targets with a very high first round hit probability. The DV-EBS wind sensor is mounted on the roof and feeds information to the computer.

The gunner's stabilized sight has day and thermal channels and an integrated laser rangefinder which feeds target information into the fire-control system. The commander also has a roof-mounted day and thermal sight.

The Kaktus ERA is used to provide increased protection against kinetic and chemical energy attack over the frontal arc. The latest Drozd-2 active protection system is also fitted.

The tank has NBC protection system, front mounted dozer blade, fire detection and suppression system, and a battle management system.

Black Eagle may have a combat weight of 50 tonnes. It may be powered by a 1,200hp 16-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine.

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