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modified: Nov 10, 2012

M-84 is a Yugoslav main battle tank based on the Soviet T-72.

Yugoslavia obtained license production rights for the T-72 in 1979. The first prototypes were built in 1982 with modifications. Production started at the end of 1984 as the M-84.

Modifications on the M-84 include the DNNS-2 day/night gunner's sight, a wind sensor mast on the turret roof, and a computerized fire control system. The M-84 has a new DRHT NBC protection system replacing the Soviet GO-27. The R-123 radio is replaced by the RD-9 radio.

Percent of M-84 components produced
in each of the Yugoslav republics
Bosnia & Herzegovina 34%
Serbia 21%
Croatia 21%
Slovenia 19%
Macedonia 3%
Montenegro 2%
The M-84A was an improved variant developed in the late 1980s. It incorporated the Obiekt 174 turret, an improved fire control system, and an uprated engine. Production of M-84A started in 1988.

M-84AB is the variant developed for Kuwait. It has the SUV-M-84 computerized fire-control system. The gunner has a DNNS-2 day/night sight with stabilization in two planes and with integral laser rangefinder. The commander has two TNP-160 periscopes and a DNKS-2 day/night periscope. The driver has a TNPO-168 V periscope and a PPV-2 passive periscope. There are two TNPA-65 auxiliary periscopes for the commander, two for the driver, and one for the gunner.

The M-84AB is fitted with a GPK-59 gyrocompass, VRQ 316 HE/HG communications equipment and BCC 600 intercom system.

Kuwait ordered 200 units in 1989, including 15 command variants and 15 armored recovery vehicles.

A total of 502 M-84 and M-84A tanks had been produced for the Yugoslav People's Army before the outbreak of the Yugoslav Civil War. At least one tank was built for the Soviet Union.

M-84ABK is a command variant fitted with additional communications equipment, land navigation system, and generator.

M-84ABN is a variant fitted with land navigation equipment.

M-84ABI is an armored recovery vehicle based on the Polish WZT-3.

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