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modified: Nov 10, 2012
The OT-133 (Огнеметный Танк-133, KhT-133) was a Soviet flamethrower tank developed by Zavod Nr. 185 in 1939 based on the T-26S. The turret was shifted to the right side of the hull to accomodate the fuel tanks for the flame projector in the hull. The OT-133 had the same Model 1938 flamethrower system as the later model OT-130.

The OT-130 and OT-133 were involved in the Winter War. They exhibited poor performance due to their flamethrowers' limited range that forced them to get close to Finnish defenses and the lack of machine guns. This experience led to KV and T-34 based flamethrowers, which were better armored and had improved weapons.

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