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modified: Nov 10, 2012
OT-34 (Огнеметный Танк-34, sometimes called T-O34) was a Soviet flamethrower tank based on the T-34-76. The new flamethrower ATO-41 was mounted on modified T-34 and KV tanks.

The ATO-41 flamethrower was located in the right front hull of the T-34 in place of the DT machine gun. It could fire three 10 liter bursts in ten seconds. Depending on the type of fuel used, it had a range of 60 to 100 meters. The ATO-41 was mounted primarily on the T-34 Model 1942.

Later in 1942, an improved flamethrower, the ATO-42, was introduced. It was mounted primarily on the T-34 Model 1943 and the later T-34-85. The ATO-42 had an increased rate of fire, greater range, and an increased fuel storage of 200 liters. The radio on the T-34 was moved into the the rear turret bustle because of the volume of the flamethrower equipment.

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