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modified: Nov 10, 2012
The T-35 is a multi-turreted heavy tank built by the Soviet Union. It is the only five-turreted tank in the world to reach production stage. The tank was based on the Vickers Independent and developed at the OKMO design bureau by N. Tsiets. It had a main turret with a 76.2mm Model 27/32 howitzer, two small turrets with 37mm guns, and two other small turrets with machine guns. The first prototype was finished in July 1932 at the Bolshevik Factory. After trials in April 1933, it participated in the May Day parade of 1933. After improvements, the Council of Labor and Defence approved the T-35 for the Red Army.

Production of the T-35 was relocated to the Kharkov Locomotive Works because of the overflow of T-26 at the Bolshevik Factory. The first ten vehicles were completed in 1933. A second batch of ten vehicles were built using a new turret which was also used by the T-28. Production of the standard type (T-35 Model 1935) began in 1935. The hull of the standard version was lengthened and an extra set of bogie wheels were added on each side. The bow was redesigned and the two 37 mm guns were replaced with 45 mm guns. Kharkov Works built 35 of these standard types between 1935 and 1938. A final batch of six vehicles with new turrets that had angled side armor were manufactured in 1938 and 1939. The total number of T-35 tanks produced is 61.

The T-35 was supplied to the 5th Independent Heavy Tank Brigade which took part in the Moscow parades. However, the T-35 was unsuccessful in actual service. Its lengthy side made it hard to turn and it was difficult to fire the several guns accurately when the tank is moving. Additionally, it was slow and mechanically unreliable.


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