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modified: Nov 10, 2012

T-55AGM is a Ukrainian main battle tank prototype based on the Soviet T-55.

Improvements include fitting of Nozh ERA over the frontal arc, and a new fire detection and suppression system. The T-55AGM is equipped with an optronic countermeasures system which includes an aerosol screen laying system to decoy away ATGMs using active laser homing warheads. The system has twelve 81mm grenade launchers and laser detectors.

The T-55AGM has special paint to lower its chances of detection in the visible and near IR spectrum. Thermal insulation is provided to the top of the power pack compartment to reduce detection by thermal devices.

The T-55AGM is powered by an 850hp 5TDFM or a 1,000hp 5TDFMA diesel engine coupled to a new transmission. The engines can be run on diesel, gasoline, kerosene, jet engine or their mixture in any proportion. The powerpack has an ejector-type cooling system, high efficiency air cleaning system for the engine, and a special air inlet allowing fording depths of up to 1.8m

The driver is provided with a steering handle-bar control system instead of tillers. New hydraulic shock absorbers and improved torsion bars have been installed.

The T-55AGM has a new computerized fire-control system that enables engagement of stationary and moving targets with a high first-round hit probability while the tank itself is moving or stationary. The gunner is equipped with a two-axis stabilized IK14 day/night sight and PTT-M thermal imaging sight with the French MITHAS thermal camera. The gunner's sight's thermal channel can be forwarded to the commander. The gunner's sight includes a laser rangefinder and a missile guidance capability, and has automatic compensation for gyro drift.

The LIO-V ballistic computer automatically takes in tank speed, target angular speed, gun trunnion axis tilt, crosswind, target range, and course angle. Other data such as ambient air temperature, charge temperature, gun barrel wear, and ambient air pressure is manually entered. The main gun stabilizer is the model 2E42.

The commander is equipped with a vertically stabilized PNK-4S observation and sighting system that includes a TKN-4S combined day/night sight and gun position sensor. It has three channels: unity day, magnified day (7.6x), and night (5.8x). The commander also has a PZU-7 anti-aircraft sight and 1Ets29M anti-aircraft machine gun control system.

The T-55AGM can be armed with the 125mm BKM1 or 120mm KBM2 smoothbore gun. A 7.62mm PKT or KT machine gun is mounted coaxially to the main gun and a 12.7mm KT or NSVT machine gun is mounted on the turret roof. The latter can be fired while the commander is under complete armor and NBC protection.

The T-55AGM is equipped with the R-173M radio and an AVSK-1 crew intercom system.

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