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modified: Nov 10, 2012
T-95 was a Russian main battle tank prototype developed by Uralvagonzavod at Nizhni Tagil. Its development was announced in 2000 by Russian Defense Minister Marshal Igor Sergeyev.

Prototype trials were conducted beginning in 1998 at Kubinka.

It is armed with a 135mm or 152mm smoothbore gun fed by an automatic loader. The gun is able to fire missiles.

T-95 was planned to have a land navigation system as well as a diagnostic system. It is powered by a 1,500hp gas turbine or diesel engine.

The dimensions of the T-95 are thought to be similar to that of the T-72, T-80, and T-90. The T-95 is claimed to weigh 50 tonnes.

The T-95 has a radical configuration with the gun mounted on a small, unmanned turret. An automatic loader is located below the turret. The three-person crew consists of driver mechanic, gunner, and commander. They are seated in an armored capsule separated from the automatic loader and turret. This configuration reduces the silhouette of the tank making it less conspicuous on the battlefield. In addition, it protects the crew from exploding ammunition due to penetration of the hull near the automatic loader.

The T-95 is fitted with a new fire-control system. Target information is obtained via optical, thermal imaging, and IR channels. The fire-control system includes a laser rangefinder and possibly a radar.

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