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modified: Nov 10, 2012

TR-580 (Tanc Romanesc 580, Romanian tank with 580hp engine, also called M1977, export name TR-77) is a Romanian main battle tank similar to the TR-85 and based on the Soviet T-55.

The TR-580 has a three-person cast armored steel turret. 12.7mm ammunition boxes are located on either side of the turret. The TR-580 has a lengthened T-55 hull similar to that of the TR-85. The TR-580 has six smaller spoked roadwheels on each side with a gap between the first and second roadwheels. The upper section of the running gear is covered by a light sheet steel skirt that extends right to the front and covers the front idler wheel.

The 100mm rifled tank gun has a fume extractor. It lacks a thermal sleeve and a laser rangefinder.

The TR-580 has two long-range fuel tanks. An unditching beam is located at the rear of the hull.

In 1993, the Romanian Army had 398 TR-580 tanks in service. Since then, the number has been reduced.

TCZ-580 is an armored recovery vehicle variant of the TR-580.

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