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modified: Nov 10, 2012
TR-85 (Tanc Romanesc 85) is a Romanian main battle tank similar in appearance to the Soviet T-55.

The TR-85 has a new turret, a new suspension system and a new German diesel engine. The 100mm gun is fitted with a fume extractor and a thermal sleeve. A laser rangefinder is mounted above the gun mantlet.

Boxes of 12.7mm ammunition are mounted externally on the turret sides. A rectangular stowage box is mounted on the forward left side of the turret. While the T-55 has five roadwheels on each side, the TR-85 has six with a distinct gap between some of the roadwheels. The upper part of the running gear is covered by a light sheet ribbed steel skirting.

The TR-85 is powered by a 830hp 8VSA-2T2 diesel engine. It lacks the exhaust outlet on the left side that is standard on the T-54/T-55.

The TR-85 has a combat weight of 43.3 tonnes. It is fitted with IR night vision equipment for the commander, gunner, and driver. It also has an NBC protection system, and an unditching beam and a snorkel at the hull rear. Long-range fuel tanks can be fitted at the hull rear.

TR-85N is an upgraded version of the TR-85 but exact details are unknown.

TR-85M1 is an upgraded version of the TR-85 built in the 1970s. It uses German chassis technology but retains some features of the Soviet T-54/T-55.

Improvements include additional armor over the frontal arc of the turret, computerized fire-control system, and new laser rangefinder and sights. It has all-electric gun and stabilization systems supplied by a French division of EADS. The gun is able to fire APFSDS rounds.

A new welded steel turret bustle extending over the rear engine compartment has been added to retain turret balance. New 81mm electrically operated smoke grenade launchers are mounted on each side of the turret and integrated with the laser warning system.

The main contractor for the TR-85M1 is Arsenalul Armetei. A number of foreign companies are also involved.

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