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Tank Grote
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modified: Nov 10, 2012

Tank Grote (Tanke Grotte, T-22, TG) was a Soviet medium tank prototype.

The OKMO bureau was given the task of developing a new medium tank and also a new heavy tank. A team headed by the German engineer Grotte started working on the T-22. The bureau designated it the TG-1 (Tank Grotte-1). A prototype was built in 1932. It used pneumatic steering and a pneumatic suspension. The T-22 was not accepted for mass production due to its complexity and the rather unexperienced Russian tank industry of the time.

There were three variants. One was armed with a 37mm gun and four machine guns. Another was given a 76mm gun and four machine guns, and a third one was armed with a 76mm gun, a 37mm gun and one machine gun.

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