Tank prototypes
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modified: Nov 10, 2012
The K-14 was a Soviet tank prototype developed by Fadeyev and Rosen at the Obukhov Factory. It was based on the American Christie M1919. The tank can remove the tracks for long road trips and two prototypes were completed. The prototypes can hardly achieve a speed of 12 km/h prior to the 76.2 mmm hull-mounted gun being added. No mass-production efforts were undertaken.

The T-45 was a Soviet infantry tank prototype developed after the cancellation of the T-50 project. It was coordinately developed between Zavod Nr. 174 and Kirovsky Works. Even though a prototype was completed, the project was terminated in favor of the T-70.

The TM was a Soviet amphibious tank design developed by the GAZ team in Gorki when efforts were made to modernize the T-37/T-38 series. Although TM shared many components with the T-38, it did not have many advantages over the T-38 and thus, it was terminated.

The K-90 was a Soviet amphibious tank prototype. In 1944, the NKTP assigned a new design team to study an amphibious tank that can be armed with a 76mm gun. Trials conducted on the K-90 showed that more work was needed. This would result the PT-76 amphibious scout tank.

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