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modified: Nov 10, 2012
Tank introduction is an article describing the basic aspects of these armored fighting vehicles. The following is a list of tanks produced by Russia, Warsaw Pact and CIS countries. Some prototypes are also located on this page.

Russian Empire
flag iconTsar Tank
flag iconVezdekhod

flag iconObiekt 217
flag iconT-17
flag iconT-23
flag iconT-27

Fast (Cruiser) Tanks
flag iconA-20
flag iconBT Tank Series

Flamethrower Tanks
flag iconOT-26
flag iconOT-34
flag iconOT-34-85
flag iconOT-130
flag iconOT-133
flag iconOT-134

Armored Recovery Vehicles
flag iconBREM-80U
flag iconBREM-84
flag iconTV-62M
flag iconVT-55